Ups n Downs - Crochet Along 2021

17 februari 2021

The designteam of 'Haakplein' are known for their beautiful Crochet Along designs. For the spring of 2021 they created a new CAL with the name Ups 'n Downs 2021!

As usual with Haakplein, the name of the CAL relates to the kind of stitches in the project. The name 'Ups 'n Downs 2021' was therefore chosen because the design consist of zigzag patterns in sometimes challenging patterns.

Ups' n Downs 2021 is available as a kit in three color variations: Gray Sand, Pink Beach and Blue Wave. The Ups' n Downs is offered as a complete kit with enough yarn for the entire project, leather label as a finishing touch and a little box of stitch markers. The project is crocheted with Durable Cosy extra fine and crochet hook 3.5 mm.


'Ups' n Downs' are part of life, and without lows, no highs. Fortunately, there are many wonderful initiatives and foundations that help others. For each package sold, there will be made a donation of € 2 to Stichting Ambulancewens Nederland. This Dutch foundation was founded by an ambulance driver to supplement the care of immobile terminal patients to fulfill their last wish with the help of volunteers and their own ambulance. A wonderful foundation that we and Haakplein love to support with this donation.

Kits and Yarns
Haakplein has used Durable Cosy extra fine for this CAL. A lovely yarn made of 58% cotton and 42% polyacrylic. There are kits available in three colours: Gray Sand (gray version), Pink Beach (pink version) and Blue Wave (blue version). These kits are offered in a box, including a leather label and a little box of stitch marker. For the packages there is a suggested retail price of € 85 with a large blanket of approx. 165 x 120 cm (lxw) as a result.

When does the CAL start?
The CAL starts on Friday April 2nd and ends in June, with a cool blanket of approx. 165 cm x 120 cm (LxW) as the end result. The patterns, which appear weekly, will feature written texts and crochet diagrams.

The Ups' n Downs 2021 can be followed via the Facebook group 'Haakplein' and Packages can be ordered immediately and will be delivered from March 15th.

Use of images
To support the sales of this Crochet Along there are digital images available of the blankets and yarn. You can use these images and banners for your website, webshop or other applications to promote the kits or recommended yarn of this Haakplein project. Pictures are included for the three colour variants.

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